The Murray

Updated: Jan 10

About this piece: This poem was inspired by a trip my family took to along the Murray-Darling river in South Australia a few years ago. Although we live in Australia and are accustomed to the beauty of her landscapes, there was something truly mesmerising about the Murray; the huge rock walls that jutted out of the water, the ever-changing scenery, or the incomprehensible serenity of the place are all things that I'll never forget.

From the riverbed awashing

Awaits a crystal sky

Cliffs of flame and sandstone

Skirt green pastures

Fruity currents under waves of ice water

The bird, its feathers carved from glass

Strong gusts fill its belly

A well-oiled machine

Ropes out, throttle full

Summer haze, hot and cold

Like ants moving in and out

A floating nest

Flickers of glitter highlight the faces of the travellers

Paper torn with red and green

Full tummy, happy faces

Submerged in water

Tick tock goes the sun, we aren’t scared

The generations descend

One family, together, again

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