Anyone can submit to A World Away. Types of entries include:

Short stories


creative non-fiction





Writing must focus on, or be clearly inspired by travel and exploration. At A World Away we want publications that tell stories of the wonder and bewilderment that many people experience when travelling. Tell thgood stories, the bad, the hysterical, the unforgettable, the downright concerning - we want to hear about it! We are a magazine for the seasoned traveller, or the person dreaming of the places they'll go. We are a magazine for the experienced writer or the artist just starting out. We are open to any age and will happily accept any work (including previously published) so long as it isn't overly explicit or inappropriate to our audience. All ownership remains with the creator. 

How to submit:

Please compile all the work you are wishing to submit into a word document and attach it in an email to with your name and age as the subject line (i.e Chris Hemsworth, 37). We also ask that you include a short third-person about yourself to let the audience know who you are and if you have it, a photograph of the place or event you were inspired by. Feel free to also include a short explanation explaining the inspiration behind your work. We look forward to seeing what you create!